Long Island is a great place to take the kids trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer teenagers and adults alike. Sometimes we just want to get scared.  So for those young and young at heart, here are the best spots to get scared silly this Halloween on Long Island.


Chamber of Horrors in Hauppauge


Schmitt’s Family Farm Haunted Mansion


Where?  Melville


When Can I get scared?  Thursday through Sunday.  It closes a bit early on Thursdays and Sundays.


Why should I go?  It’s one of Long Island’s largest haunted houses, but Schmitt’s doesn’t stop there.  The farm also offers up chills in the form of a haunted corn maze and “The Experiment,” an interactive, high intensity stage show.  Variety is the spice of life.  Or death.  


How Much?  Haunted Mansion - 19  Cornmaze - 11 The Experiment - 5  Combo(all 3) - 30



The Chamber of Horrors


Where?  Hauppauge


When Can I get Scared?  Wednesday through Sunday, 7-12.


Why should I go?  Much like Schmitt’s, it offers three different options - Maniac Manor, Toxic City and Witch Asylum.  Sure, none of this may mean much to you, but each offers a distinct, thrilling experience.  The final night (Halloween Eve) promises a night of “full contact chaos.”  We’re not exactly sure what that means.  Maybe just stick to the rest of the week.  


How Much?  25 unless you want the R.I.P pass which moves you to the front of the life for 35.  


Spooky Fest

Where?  At the Center for Science, Teaching & Learning in Rockville Centre

When Can I get Scared?  October 30-November 1, 6:30 PM - 9:30

Why Should I Go?  There’s something for everyone.  The Fest is split up into scary and non-scary areas so feel free to bring the kids and take turns getting scared and having some good old fashioned family fun.  The Haunted Woods highlight the “spooky” areas.

How Much?  10 dollars gets you entrance into the whole exhibit.  For an extra 5, you can test your mettle in the Haunted Woods and Zombie Maze.  


NYZ Apocalypse 


Where?  That's right. A second Zombie Apocalypse. This one's in Deer Park.


When Can I Get Scared? Thursday - Sunday. Open late Friday and Saturday. This one's year round kids.


Why Should I Go?  See above. Plus this one is in an Underground Prison system. And you're working in teams.


How Much?  Packages start at 35.


Lazer Warz Presents The Outbreak: The Undead Edition!


Where?  Katz Indoor Raceway in Ronkonkoma


When Can I Get Scared? Friday and Saturday, 8-11 (through November 7)


Why Should I Go?  Do you like the Walking Dead?  Live it.  Walk into the fog filled Katz Raceway now transformed into a Zombie Apocalypse.  Armed with only your laser gun, you have one goal:  Survive.  How very Rick Grimes of you.


How Much?  15.  And your soul.  No, just 15.  



HorseAbility Haunted Hay Barn


Where?  Horseability in Old Westbury


When Can I Get Scared?  Friday and Saturday, 6-10


Why Should I Go?  It takes place in a haunted barn.  Duh.


How Much?  13 buckaroos.