Many potential homebuyers find the appeal of gated communities hard to resist. There are many benefits to this type of living, but there may also be some pitfalls, as well. Before buyers commit to living in this type of neighborhood, it’s important to review the pros and cons.

Since each of these neighborhoods tends to be a bit different, buyers should take the time to review the many different by-laws and homeowners’ association rules before deciding that they would like to purchase a home in one of these areas. 

If buyers are interested in purchasing a home in a gated community in Nassau County, Long Island, they will likely be pleased to find that there is a large selection of them. They range in price and styles, so there is sure to be something to meet every buyer’s needs.

The benefits of a gated community:

- Security. Hands down, one of the biggest benefits of living in an exclusive community is the security. People don’t get to go in and out like they do in other neighborhoods because they have to stop at security and check in. Without clearance from a homeowner, people can’t just get in. This increases the security of the neighborhood and helps to prevent everything from dangers to children to burglaries.

- Exclusivity. Many homeowners want to live in a neighborhood that always looks neat and clean. They want to know that their neighbor isn’t going to build an ugly structure, or park a rotting RV in their driveway. Most gated communities come with homeowners’ associations that prevent this from happening.

- Something for everyone. Builders know that there are different budgets, different buyers and different needs. It is the needs of the buyers that have encouraged builders to create communities that feature homes at different price points and in different styles.

The drawbacks of a gated community:

- Fees. Most gated communities need to be able to pay for the upkeep of the neighborhood and pay for a guarded gate. The salaries of the guards and any other upkeep costs come from the residents in the form of HOA fees. Some can be quite high, so buyers should consider them before purchasing.

- Limiting by-laws. In some neighborhoods, the by-laws are limiting to the residents. Often, homeowners’ associations require that everything from a swing set to a shed be submitted for approval before it is built. It’s important to look carefully at all the by-laws of the homeowners’ association before buying, or buyers could wind up unhappy.

A gated community can offer a safe and secure way of life for many, but there can also be some negatives about living in a neighborhood like this, so buyers should be sure to consider both the pros and cons before choosing to live in this type of area. 

Once the decision is made to live in a Nassau County Long Island gated community, buyers will be thrilled to find that they have many options to consider.