Every month, we will ask a resident of a Long Island town to give us a "bird's eye view" of their town as a whole: why they chose it, what to look out for when choosing a home there, and most importantly, where to eat.  This month, we spoke to a young mother of two about raising a family in Levittown.  



What part of Levittown do you live in?

Directly off Newbridge Road to the right, half a mile north of Hempstead Turnpike.



How would you describe Dix Hills in just a few words?

Family neighborhood, central location convenient for shopping and general LI weekend travelling.



When you were looking for a home, where else besides Dix Hills were you looking?

Hicksville, Massapequa and Bethpage.



What made you choose Dix Hills and (your section) in particular?

Hicksville station for city commute, family-oriented.



What advice would you give a first time home buyer in LI?

Don’t settle or be complacent, find the town that feels right.



What is your favorite restaurant in Levittown to go out to eat?

Restaurants with small kids are tough, we do love Two Brothers pizza once a week.



What about take-in?

Same answer, Two Brothers



What does the family do to relax in Dix Hills?

There are a bunch of local and safe playgrounds, or we head to Broadway Mall.



Biggest perk of living there?

Central Long Island location.



Biggest complaint?

We would appreciate a bit more diversity, we think it’s trickling in.



Best piece of advice for someone looking to make Levittown their next home?

If schools are a deciding factor, check your district lines as Levittown students can end up in Hicksville or Island Tree school district, all have different ratings.