Every month, we will ask a resident of a Long Island town

to give us a "bird's eye view" of their town as a whole:

why they chose it, what to look out for when choosing a home there,

and most importantly, where to eat.  

This month, we spoke to a young newlywed, works in Lower Manhattan

and lives in Hicksville.


What part of HIcksville do you live in?

I live off the 107, the inset neighborhood across from Broadway Mall.


How would you describe Hicksville in just a few words?

Diverse, becoming more so, accessible and friendly.


When you were looking for a home, where else besides Hicksville were you looking?

Levittown, East Meadow, all the surrounding neighborhoods, wanted to stay central.


What made you choose Hicksville and (your section) in particular?

I recently got married, we are newlyweds, no kids yet but being in a good school district is already

very important to me. I also am thankful I am close to the Hicksville LIRR, I have to trek to lower

manhattan every day and can catch an express from here.


What advice would you give a first time home buyer in LI?

Knowledge is power. Also partner with a solid, good real estate agent who is educated in your

target area and can easily inform you of important factors like taxes, safety, and schools.


What is your favorite restaurant in HIcksville to go out to eat?

Hicksville has its fair share of Indian restaurants, but Chilli & Curry on Woodbury Road

is exceptional, freshly made Indian/Thai fusion with awesome service.


What about take-in?

Kirazu Sushi is always on point for take out.


What does the family do to relax in Hicksville?

In an effort to stay fit for the new year, the wife and I take a 5 min drive to Eisenhower Park

where, which I recently learned, has a bunch of fitness trails.


Biggest perk of living there?

Though a diverse community, a very friendly community.


Biggest complaint?

I can complain about the LIRR, but who doesn’t?


Best piece of advice for someone looking to make Hicksville their next home?

It’s a great place to call home, very family oriented and the location is good for weekend errands

and of course, you have the mall.