Every month, we will ask a resident of a Long Island town to give us a "bird's eye view" of their town as a whole: why they chose it, what to look out for when choosing a home there, and most importantly, where to eat.  This month, we spoke to a young father of two about raising a family in Garden City.  


What part of Garden City do you live in?


In the Western part of town, relatively close to the boundary with Stewart Manor.


How would you describe it in just a few words?


Our section has a nice mix of more affordable homes that have slightly larger plot sizes then other parts of town.  It is very close to schools, has several parks in walking distance, and also access to 2 train lines with the New Hyde Park and Steward Manor train stations. 


When you were looking for a home, where else besides Garden City were you looking?  


We looked as well in Rockville Centre but we were pretty set on living in Garden City from the beginning of our house search.  


What made you choose Garden City and that particular part of Garden City?  


Quality of school district and ease of commute into Manhattan were our two main criteria in choosing which town to live in.  Both my wife and I commute and work long hours so being within a 10 minute walk to 2 train stations has been great for us.


What advice would you give a first time home buyer in LI?


Take your time and consult with a good broker to help you narrow down the options.  The first time purchase is the only time the buyer will be free of the burden of having to sell their own home at the same time.  You should attempt to make full use of this freedom.


What is your favorite restaurant in Garden City to go out to eat? 


Park Place on Covert Ave in Floral Park is right down the road from us, good local spot with great service and inventive menu.  Calageros is my favorite Italian restaurant which is on Franklin Ave.


What about take-in?


It’s beyond count how many times I’ve taken out from Mama Theresa’s (Italian) on Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park or the ubiquitous Adelphi Deli on Nassau Blvd in Garden City. These 2 places effectively feed the Garden City population. 


What does the family do to relax in Garden City?  


Having 2 little kids means we need outdoor activities which our area is good for.  We can walk to 3 different parks, and in the summer we joined the Garden City Pool which we go to most weekends.  


Biggest perk of living there? 


For us the biggest perk is the quick commute and how kid friendly the neighborhood is.


Biggest complaint? 


The taxes are certainly high being an incorporated village, that’s the main strike against living here.


Best piece of advice for someone looking to make Garden City their next home?



Be willing to look at some homes which need a little work but are more cosmetic in nature.   There is a generational shift going on where older homeowners are putting their houses on the market, that have good sound structure and just are a little outdated on the surface.