July 27, 2017

This Could Be The Perfect Time To Buy Your Dream Home



Over-dramatic headlines bashing the housing market--both its options and affordability--can make it hard to get excited about buying a house. In fact, it can feel flat out disheartening. The decision to buy a home is a big one and you should feel excited and confident about it, not anxious and uneasy. Here’s the good news;


 It's a great time to buy a home.


Take the right approach by following these steps.


Know your numbers

Check the bank

How much have you saved for a down payment? Generally, you should expect to provide a 20% down payment on the purchase price and around 1% should be set aside for closing costs. For example if a house is $500K, 20% is $100K.

 Image result for girl at bank

Yep, $100,000. Start saving.


Check your credit score

That’s where lenders will look first. A higher score is more likely to get you a higher loan and a lower interest rate. Lenders will also look at your debt-to-income ratio (monthly debts divided by monthly income) and they don’t want to see anything greater than 43%. When you’re preparing a buy a house, clean your credit, work on erasing debt/collections and hold off on other large purchases (like a new car) to keep your ratio low.


Credit monitoring and advisement is helpful at this stage in your life, teach yourself as much as you can, become your own credit expert. Seriously, take it seriously.



Never start your house search based on an assumption. All kinds of factors are taken into account when a lender determines what you qualify for, so get pre-approval from a lender so that you know exactly how much you can spend. You’ll need a pre-approval letter for your offer to be accepted by any seller anyway, so it doesn’t hurt to get this done early in your housing search.


Know yourself

Check your budget

Consider the amount of money you got approved for a loan. Just because it’s available, doesn’t mean you can spend that much. Consider ALL expenses like student loans, car payments, health care, groceries, cell phone and utility bills. Account for fun things like entertainment, shopping, and travel. The amount of money you spend on your house should feel right to you.

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Check out the market

Finally, it’s time to start clicking through online listings and get to the part of your house hunt with actual houses. Get an idea of what homes cost in the areas you’re interested in and determine what you can expect to buy given your budget. Some buyers find it helpful to write down a few lists early in their search. What features are absolutely essential in the home you buy? What characteristics are you hoping to find, but aren’t deal breakers? What are the deal breakers?


Find your AGENT

A truly good agent can help you shop around to get the best price and having a professional guiding you through a process they understand well can make your life a lot easier. The Flynn Team can streamline your first home purchase, providing step by step advice before the house hunt even begins.

Call us today! (516) 294-7292

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Jan. 21, 2016

Your Seller Concerns, Addressed


So, it’s time to sell your house.  Maybe you are looking for an upgrade, a downgrade, or you just need a change.  Irrespective of the reason, it’s time.  But, as you begin to meet with listing agents, you just can’t shake that nervous feeling.  You’ve got that nervous feeling.  Trust us, you’re not alone.  What follows is a list of common seller fears and anxieties and how to make them gonnne, gonnnne, gonnne …. wooaaaah, whoah.


If we list too close to my bottom line, buyers will low-ball me.


True, you might get some low ball offers.  But, assuming the house is priced correctly, you will also get competitive ones. If a buyer’s agent recognizes that your price is consistent with the market, he/she is likely to advise his/her client to make an offer that doesn’t stray too far from the asking price, lest they lose credibility. Even the “lowball” offers might beget productive negotiations.  A firm rejection of a lowball offer with a counter of your full asking price should signal to a serious buyer that the asking price is credible.  And if they’re not really a serious buyer, then who cares about them anyway?


The truth is that an unreasonably high asking price will do more damage than good.  In addition to losing credibility with the buying community, you run the risk that your house will sit on the market for too long.  Buyers may come to believe that there is something wrong with it and you could be forced to drop your price to a level below what would have otherwise been the fair market price.  


No one likes stale bread.  Not many like a stale house.  Price your house appropriately and buyers will come.  


I don’t want to list the house in the fall/winter because it’s a bad time to sell my home.


Yes, there will be a smaller pool of buyers in the fall and winter.  But there’s a reason they are looking in the fall and winter.  Usually they are motivated to buy, and buy quickly.  That means more aggressive offers, better qualified buyers and a faster closing time.  And with many sellers sharing the above fear, fall and winter means a less competitive inventory of homes for sale.  Exposing your home to highly motivated buyers in a less saturated selling market?  Uh, sign us up.  


Not to mention, if you sell your home at the right time in the winter, you can make the timing work to find the home of your dreams for the right price when the clocks spring forward.  Sign us up again.


Can’t I just sell myself and save on the commission?


The quick, irresponsible answer is: yes, yes you can.  Firstly, you will “save” on only half of the commission because the buyer’s agent will still get paid and any offer you get will be net the buyer agent’s commission.  Why did we put save in quotes there, you ask?  Well, there are a number of ways that this “savings” will find its way back into the price.  The most common way is that a competent buyer’s agent will not be so willing to meet your full asking price knowing: (1) you are already retaining thousands of dollars more on your sales price because you don’t have to pay a seller’s commission and (2) the buyer’s agent will (rightly) feel they can use their time tested negotiating skills to take advantage of your relative inexperience.  


Secondly, there are a host of other reasons that make the tactic a bad one: lack of access to a seller’s agent’s resources in terms of marketing and networking; inability to determine whether a buyer is qualified or serious; and finally, if you aren’t out there selling and negotiating real estate deals everyday, you simply lack the knowledge and/or experience to make the best deal for yourself and your family.  Even if you save a few dollars, the time and stress accompanying the task during an already tumultuous time in your life will not be worth the return.  


I read that the market is heating up.  If I list now, won’t I miss out on even higher prices in the next few months?


You may miss out on higher prices.  But, you could also miss out on today’s prices if you choose to wait.  Attempting to time the sale of your house with the peak of the market is very much like playing the stock market.  Even the most diligent of research can fail to take into account unforeseen future events that shape the market, for better or worse.  In addition, even if you guess right and prices rise, that probably means that the cost of your replacement house will rise as well.  So you future unrealized profits might not be quite as profitable as they first appear.


Your decision should ultimately come down to what works best, irrespective of price fluctuations, for you and your family.  Found the home of your dreams and want to make an offer but need to put your house on the market first?  Don’t wait on the shaky premise that you might not get enough for it.   


What if I can’t find a new house once my home is in contract?


That doesn’t happen to our clients because we go through a detailed buying consultation where we map out a plan specific to you.  We make sure that you are always in control of both sides of the transaction by carefully vetting the market for a match to your criteria. And, by the way, that entire process is free.

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Oct. 27, 2015

Where To Get Scared on Long Island this Halloween

Long Island is a great place to take the kids trick or treating, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer teenagers and adults alike. Sometimes we just want to get scared.  So for those young and young at heart, here are the best spots to get scared silly this Halloween on Long Island.


Chamber of Horrors in Hauppauge


Schmitt’s Family Farm Haunted Mansion


Where?  Melville


When Can I get scared?  Thursday through Sunday.  It closes a bit early on Thursdays and Sundays.


Why should I go?  It’s one of Long Island’s largest haunted houses, but Schmitt’s doesn’t stop there.  The farm also offers up chills in the form of a haunted corn maze and “The Experiment,” an interactive, high intensity stage show.  Variety is the spice of life.  Or death.  


How Much?  Haunted Mansion - 19  Cornmaze - 11 The Experiment - 5  Combo(all 3) - 30



The Chamber of Horrors


Where?  Hauppauge


When Can I get Scared?  Wednesday through Sunday, 7-12.


Why should I go?  Much like Schmitt’s, it offers three different options - Maniac Manor, Toxic City and Witch Asylum.  Sure, none of this may mean much to you, but each offers a distinct, thrilling experience.  The final night (Halloween Eve) promises a night of “full contact chaos.”  We’re not exactly sure what that means.  Maybe just stick to the rest of the week.  


How Much?  25 unless you want the R.I.P pass which moves you to the front of the life for 35.  


Spooky Fest

Where?  At the Center for Science, Teaching & Learning in Rockville Centre

When Can I get Scared?  October 30-November 1, 6:30 PM - 9:30

Why Should I Go?  There’s something for everyone.  The Fest is split up into scary and non-scary areas so feel free to bring the kids and take turns getting scared and having some good old fashioned family fun.  The Haunted Woods highlight the “spooky” areas.

How Much?  10 dollars gets you entrance into the whole exhibit.  For an extra 5, you can test your mettle in the Haunted Woods and Zombie Maze.  


NYZ Apocalypse 


Where?  That's right. A second Zombie Apocalypse. This one's in Deer Park.


When Can I Get Scared? Thursday - Sunday. Open late Friday and Saturday. This one's year round kids.


Why Should I Go?  See above. Plus this one is in an Underground Prison system. And you're working in teams.


How Much?  Packages start at 35.


Lazer Warz Presents The Outbreak: The Undead Edition!


Where?  Katz Indoor Raceway in Ronkonkoma


When Can I Get Scared? Friday and Saturday, 8-11 (through November 7)


Why Should I Go?  Do you like the Walking Dead?  Live it.  Walk into the fog filled Katz Raceway now transformed into a Zombie Apocalypse.  Armed with only your laser gun, you have one goal:  Survive.  How very Rick Grimes of you.


How Much?  15.  And your soul.  No, just 15.  



HorseAbility Haunted Hay Barn


Where?  Horseability in Old Westbury


When Can I Get Scared?  Friday and Saturday, 6-10


Why Should I Go?  It takes place in a haunted barn.  Duh.


How Much?  13 buckaroos.  



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June 1, 2015

Five Ways For You and Your Family to Spend Your Summer in Long Island

Hot times, summer in Long Island. While the city might get all the song lyrics, there are a wealth of things to do as a home owner (or renter) on Long Island during the summer time. When the weather is fine. Particularly for families. Here are five of our family-friendly favorites to try out this summer.

1) Amusement Parks/Water Parks

Adventureland is an amusement park with attractions for all ages and is a great alternative to Great Adventure or other bigger (and thus more crowded) parks that require more money and longer travel times. Conveniently located in Farmingdale, you can have a hearty breakfast with the family at home and be back in time for dinner. This summer they've added a new roller coaster, "Turbulence" to the ride mix making it more of a destination for thrill seekers.  As far as water parks go Splish Splash, in Riverhead, is one of our favorites in the region. There are slides of all shapes, sizes and speeds, but after a long week at work, what better way to cool down than on the Lazy River? Less well known, but still full of summer fun is Boomer’s in Medford, which offers, among other attractions, Go Karts, mini golf, a stellar game room and Bumper Boats for when the sun is really scorching.

2) Let’s Go To The Beach!

Long Island offers some of the best beaches in the region. Two of our favorites areas for top of the line beach going are Jones Beach and Long Beach. In addition to having great beaches and varied attractions, Jones Beach is famous for its summer concert series. This summer is jam packed with top stars: from Idina Menzel to Dave Matthews to Train to Neil Young. It’s a great option to Keep on Rocking all summer in Long Island. Long Beach’s varied beaches and vibrant seaside community offers a bit of something for everyone this summer. The city, during the summer, plays host to block parties, its own beach concert series and spectacular fireworks displays.

3) Popcorn.  Candy.  Soda. 

When the dog days of summer start to hit, there is no better refuge than an air conditioned movie theater with its comfortable surroundings and ice cold beverages. Regal theaters are taking things a step further, with its Regal Summer Movie Express, offering family friendly movies for one dollar per ticket at participating theaters all summer. Among participating Long Island theaters is the Deer Park Stadium 16 and Imax, but others are sure to follow. Check it out and make a day of it for a family of four starting at four bucks. Extra money for Butterfingers!

4) Under The Sea

Long Island has an aquarium? Long Island has an aquarium! If you’re looking for something totally fun and unexpected with the kids one day this summer, head out to Riverhead for a close up look at some aquatic life at the Long Island Aquarium. Events this summer include alligators, bats and super adorable penguins.  And if you're one of the lucky ones with a summer birthday: free admission.  

5) Wineries Where You Can Bring The Kids

Kid friendly winery may seem like an oxymoron to some, but out east where good wine is a way of life, it’s becoming more and more routine. Want a fun day out east? You don’t have to pony up for a babysitter. Martha Clara Vineyards, in Riverhead, has great wine for adults, and a petting zoo and horse and carriage rides for the youngsters. Just down the road at Palmer Vineyards, you can enjoy a glass or two while the kids enjoy a spectacular hay ride.

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April 27, 2015

10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Buyer's Agent Represent You

All too often, we hear of people who decide that they are going to set out on their lonesome to find the home of their dreams.  Despite it being the biggest purchase of one's life, all too often, the need for a trained, zealous advocate to assist, advise and shepherd the home buyer through the process is seen as unnecessary.   A lot of this can be attributed to bad information propagated by individuals who just haven't done their homework or are looking to save pennies on a purchase worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Here's the truth: in order to have a favorable outcome as a buyer you must work with a buyer's agent, whether it's us or someone else you trust to take up your cause.  Here's why (and why a lot of that bad information is so bad):

1.         It's free.  In New York, sellers typically pay for the agent's commission as part of the transaction costs, so that commission is free to the buyer. The seller has agreed to pay it up front, right when the home is listed.  Many buyers think that they can negotiate a lower price by going at it alone.  That's simply a misconception.

2.         You need an expert for this.  Buying a home is a complex process with untold twists and turns.  Things that at first seem like a big deal aren't and things that seem like fine points can be deal breakers.  Working with a buyer's agent gives you expert counseling on the home buying process at no additional cost.

3.         A buyer's agent will get you the right price. A skilled buyer's agent knows the market well and can offer advice on not only current prices, but on what the trends are.  He/she can best predict future prices which will help you determine, among other things, the value of your equity.  This is critical because that value will tell you whether you are making or losing money at a given sales price.

4.         They are trained to negotiate with other agents.  You may think you are a great negotiator.  In fact, you very well may be be a great negotiator.  But, you probably haven't negotiated much with other real estate agents, if at all.  You also probably haven't negotiated a purchase of this magnitude.  Buyer's agents do just that on a day to day basis.  Why risk misreading the market or taking the wrong tact with an agent when you can have a skilled advocate in your corner at no extra cost to you?  

5.         You need an advocate.  Many buyers believe they can negotiate, on their own behalf, with the listing agent.  If you deal directly with the listing agent, you have no advocate. The listing agent, even in a dual agency situation, owes a higher duty of loyalty to the seller. Moreover, the listing agent's goal is to maximize the sale price for the seller, not to maximize value for the buyer.  Going at it alone puts you at an incredible disadvantage.

6.         Access to more listings than the public knows about.  Buyer's agents (the true full time ones) are in the market all the time and know of off-market opportunities.  This means they are uniquely aware of homes that have not yet been listed publicly or have expired but have a seller still eager to sell.

7.         Can create additional opportunities for you.  Your agent can also create off-market opportunities by actively prospecting for you.  Like a certain type of home in a specific neighborhood?  Your agent can call owners of homes fitting the bill that aren't up for sale to see if that homeowner would consider selling knowing they have a ready buyer.  Just one example of the many creative ways a buyer's agent can creatively represent your interests.

8.         They put you in the best position to get the home you want.  Your agent knows other local agents and will help you present yourself as the best prospect. It's important to recognize that a seller wants not only the highest price, but the highest likelihood of being able to ultimately close the deal.  A good buyer's agent can help you be the winning bidder even if you aren't the highest bidder, by how they present your offer and position you as the best option to quickly and efficiently close the deal.

9.         They can assist in all facets of the process.  The home buying process extends far beyond finding the home of your dreams and making an offer.  A buyer's agent can recommend trusted people to help in the rest of the process -- lender, insurance agents, lawyers, home inspectors, movers, referral agents (if you are selling first out of state or out of area).

10.       Finding one trusted agent saves you a lot of time and heartache.  Find one agent you trust and work exclusively with him/her.  If you do it yourself (i.e., just work with listing agents or "For Sale By Owner" listings) you have a lot of work cut out for you in scheduling, following up, researching, negotiating and tracking the market.  All of this assuming that you have taken the countless hours of time necessary to educate yourself on the process.  If you work with multiple agents on a "whoever finds me a house first" basis, you end up getting duplicate information, dealing with good, bad or horrible agents and having to keep everything straight on your own.  Either way you have a lot of work cut out for you.  And that doesn't even account for the above nine things you are missing out on.  Do yourself a favor that you won't regret - work with a single skilled buyer's agent in the search for the home of your dreams. 

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March 24, 2015

Bird's Eye View: Dix Hills

Every month, we will ask a resident of a Long Island town to give us a "bird's eye view" of their town as a whole: why they chose it, what to look out for when choosing a home there, and most importantly, where to eat.  This month, we spoke to a young father of two about raising a family in Dix Hills.  


What part of Dix Hills do you live in?

Between exits 51 and 52 (off the Long Island Expressway), off Carlls Straight Path, about a mile from Candlewood Middle School and Otsego Elementary School.


How would you describe Dix Hills in just a few words?

Interesting mix of cultures and beliefs.


When you were looking for a home, where else besides Dix Hills were you looking?

Plainview, Jericho, Syosset.


What made you choose Dix Hills and (your section) in particular?

School system, lower taxes, Jewish population.


What advice would you give a first time home buyer in LI?

Go where you feel comfortable and do not settle for the first thing you see.


What is your favorite restaurant in Dix Hills to go out to eat?

La Scala. Commack technically, but still the best.


What about take-in?

Same answer, La Scala.


What does the family do to relax in Dix Hills?

Swim in the pool, play some tennis at Dix Hills Park or Wolf Hill Park, go to the Walt Whitman Mall.


Biggest perk of living there?

Land and quiet.


Biggest complaint?

Far commute into NYC.


Best piece of advice for someone looking to make Dix Hills their next home?

Check where the school lines are drawn and find out which schools have had the stronger performance.  Big difference between high schools and reputation.


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March 12, 2015

Birds Eye View: Garden City

Every month, we will ask a resident of a Long Island town to give us a "bird's eye view" of their town as a whole: why they chose it, what to look out for when choosing a home there, and most importantly, where to eat.  This month, we spoke to a young father of two about raising a family in Garden City.  


What part of Garden City do you live in?


In the Western part of town, relatively close to the boundary with Stewart Manor.


How would you describe it in just a few words?


Our section has a nice mix of more affordable homes that have slightly larger plot sizes then other parts of town.  It is very close to schools, has several parks in walking distance, and also access to 2 train lines with the New Hyde Park and Steward Manor train stations. 


When you were looking for a home, where else besides Garden City were you looking?  


We looked as well in Rockville Centre but we were pretty set on living in Garden City from the beginning of our house search.  


What made you choose Garden City and that particular part of Garden City?  


Quality of school district and ease of commute into Manhattan were our two main criteria in choosing which town to live in.  Both my wife and I commute and work long hours so being within a 10 minute walk to 2 train stations has been great for us.


What advice would you give a first time home buyer in LI?


Take your time and consult with a good broker to help you narrow down the options.  The first time purchase is the only time the buyer will be free of the burden of having to sell their own home at the same time.  You should attempt to make full use of this freedom.


What is your favorite restaurant in Garden City to go out to eat? 


Park Place on Covert Ave in Floral Park is right down the road from us, good local spot with great service and inventive menu.  Calageros is my favorite Italian restaurant which is on Franklin Ave.


What about take-in?


It’s beyond count how many times I’ve taken out from Mama Theresa’s (Italian) on Jericho Turnpike in Garden City Park or the ubiquitous Adelphi Deli on Nassau Blvd in Garden City. These 2 places effectively feed the Garden City population. 


What does the family do to relax in Garden City?  


Having 2 little kids means we need outdoor activities which our area is good for.  We can walk to 3 different parks, and in the summer we joined the Garden City Pool which we go to most weekends.  


Biggest perk of living there? 


For us the biggest perk is the quick commute and how kid friendly the neighborhood is.


Biggest complaint? 


The taxes are certainly high being an incorporated village, that’s the main strike against living here.


Best piece of advice for someone looking to make Garden City their next home?



Be willing to look at some homes which need a little work but are more cosmetic in nature.   There is a generational shift going on where older homeowners are putting their houses on the market, that have good sound structure and just are a little outdated on the surface.



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Nov. 17, 2014

Braving the Winter on Long Island

Winter is Coming.  And while that may excite the most ardent Game of Thrones follower, it can be a painful proposition for New Yorkers.  And on Long Island, a region that boasts beautiful parks and beaches, it may be especially frightening.  But, it doesn't have to be.  For every beach on the Island there is a slope perfect for sledding; for every outdoor summer activity, a rink.  Why lounge in the sun when you can frolic in the snow?  Here are some of the things you can do when the ground turns pearly white.  

Live on the Vine

Think the Hamptons is just a place for summer lounging?  The East End gives you the Live on the Vine music festival which rocks all through February and March.  What's better than live music? Live music with some wine.  Some of the most exciting names in regional jazz music will jam in some of the most preeminent vineyards on the island.  After all, the cold is less cold with blues music.  And wine.

Indoor Skating

In the mood for ice skating, but it's just too cold to handle?  Try out The Rinx in Hauppauge with two world class indoor skating rinks located just inside Hidden Pond Park.   Enjoy the beautiful wintry surroundings while skating with all the comforts and convenience of a fabulous indoor rinks. Looking for other prime indoor skating locales?  The Dix Hills Skating Park offers lessons year round and is the perfect location for skating lessons or your child's next birthday bash.  Want to stay indoors with an outdoor feel?  Try the Andrew Stergiopoulos Ice Rink in the fabulous Great Neck park.   

Outdoor Skating 

Christopher Morley park offers one of the best outdoor skating rinks in the region.  In fact, News 12 named it the best outdoor rink on Long Island.  And if you need to warm up - there is a fire and plenty of hot chocolate.  Want to entertain the kids and get in some shopping?  The famous Tanger Outlets has a surprising little secret: a rink for the kids and the big kids right adjacent to the fabulous shopping.  


OK, Ok so there's a place for you alpine skiers in the mix.  But, there are a number of downhill ski clubs which call Long Island their home, including the Garden City Ski Club and the Grumman Ski Club.  Long Island also offers great venues for cross country skiers.  Our favorite?  Montauk Point State Park where you can view the Sound while hitting the (horizontal) slopes.

Take a Cruise

You don't need the Carribean or a boatload of cash (pun intended) to take a winter cruise.  The Riverhead Foundation offers winter seal cruises out of Freeport.  The whole family will learn a lot about marine life and seal behavior in particular, but warm clothes are needed.  The ides of winter, i.e. January, is when the seals are most visible.  

Watch Others on the Ice

The Islanders are in the midst of their last season the Island and they look poised to make an exciting playoff run.  And if your kids are a bit younger (or are Rangers fans) Disney on Ice hits the Nassau Coliseum in January.   

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Aug. 6, 2013

Best Parks in the Merrick/Bellmore/Wantagh Area


Living on Long Island, where many people have big backyards and their own private swimming pools, it's easy to take for granted the wonderful public parks that your taxes help to build and pay for. If you live in or are thinking about moving to the Merrick/Bellmore/Wantagh area of Nassau County, it would be worth your while to check out the nearby parks, which can provide countless hours of outdoor entertainment for you and your family. Those moving to the area from New York City, who will naturally have a greater appreciation for parks, should take special note. 

Eisenhower Park

This huge public park is located in East Meadow, but is just a short drive north on Merrick Avenue from either Bellmore or Merrick. Measuring approximately 930 acres, Eisenhower Park is one of the largest parks in the New York Metropolitan Area and is bigger, in fact, than New York City's Central Park. In addition to having large playgrounds for families with small children, it also features an 18-hole golf course, a mini-golf course, a state-of-the-art indoor swimming facility, picnic areas, athletic trails, dozens of baseball, football and soccer fields (a number of which are lighted for night-time play), tennis courts, a batting cage, the Harry Chapin Lakeside Theatre (which features outdoor concerts and films), and Carltun on the Park -- an exquisite restaurant and catering hall that plays host to countless weddings and other events throughout the year. With all that Eisenhower Park has to offer, the most appropriate question someone can ask about Eisenhower Park is: is there any leisure activity that you can't do there?

 Speno Park

Just a few minutes south of Eisenhower Park but also in East Meadow is the Edward J. Speno Memorial Park, better known among locals as just "Speno Park".  Speno Park has a real neighborhood feel to it. Nestled right in the middle of a quiet residential neighborhood on the border of North Bellmore, many residents may not even realize it is there until they happen to pass it on East Meadow Avenue. The park features basketball courts and multi-purpose fields, but its real draw (especially for young families) is its playground. The playground has both "big kid" and "little kid" jungle gyms, and despite the fact that it is a favorite among local moms, part of its allure is that it never really feels crowded. 

Newbridge Road Park

This South Bellmore mainstay has everything you would want a neighborhood park to have and more. Besides its numerous athletic fields and courts for all forms of ball-play, Newbridge Road Park features a big outdoor pool to keep residents cool in the summer and a full-size ice hockey rink open year-round for use by hockey players and leisure skaters alike. This park also has some great spots for picnicing. Newbridge Road Park is located in South Bellmore just south of Merrick Road and just east of the Merrick border, making it easily accessible to residents of Bellmore, Merrick and Wantagh. 

Cedar Creek Park

Located south of Merrick Road and just east of Wantagh Avenue in Seaford, this 259 acre park is equipped for plenty of outdoor activities. For sports fanatics, it's got tennis, handball, paddleball and basketball courts, baseball and softball fields, soccer/football/lacrosse fields, an archery range, and a number of running and biking trails, one of which leads south down through the trees lining the Wantagh Parkway and can be taken all the way down to Jones Beach, with some spectacular views of the open bays and open skies that make the South Shore of Long Island so special all along the way. There is also a dog-run, so pets can get a workout in too! For those with kids, Cedar Creek has a great children's playground that has been named the best on Long Island by the Long Island Press, along with a roller skating rink and a hill for sledding in the winter (yes, the South shore has some hills). 

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July 22, 2013

Why Should I Live Here? Location, Location, Location = Rockville Centre, Rockville Centre, Rockville Centre

Every once in a while, we'll ask a Long Island resident to tell you, the home buyer, what there is to love about their town.  We call it: Why Should I Llve Here?   If you want to tell us about your town, give us a holler.  First up, Rockville Centre.

Welcome to Rockville Centre, nestled on the south shore of Long Island, a veritable jewel of a little village tucked away, yet full of delightful surprises.  You can select from Colonials, Tudors, Ranches, and Victorians with wrap around porches, surrounded by beautiful gardens and set along established tree lined streets.  Five exemplary elementary schools feed into the South Side Middle School and the designated Blue Ribbon School of Excellence, South Side High School.  Additionally, the village is home to its own Cathedral, Temples and Churches, Recreation Center, parks and sports fields.  Further, those living within the incorporated village can enjoy the advantages of their own village electrical company. 


Heading into Manhattan? The Long Island Rail Road can get you into the city on a direct line in 38 minutes and with no traffic you can drive to midtown in 40 minutes.  Off to JFK? Count on a 15 minute ride to your terminal.  If you are thinking about a beach day, you can lay out your towel on the sand down in Long Beach within 30 minutes. Meeting your friend at the mall? Roosevelt Field will take you 15 minutes as well. 


If you can never decide on what to have for dinner then Rockville Centre is the place for you, with every possibility at your doorstep or ready to be delivered to your home by the myriad restaurants.  Perhaps a movie and dessert is what you want, a wine bar, or pub?  Well, with so many choices you will have fun exploring the many options.


Rockville Centre is a wonderful place to live; did I mention that it is in a fantastic location?



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